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Hello, I am Veni

After watching the documentary CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap, I was inspired to share my experience as a software developer with other women. I started mentoring women who are getting started in tech. With this website, I want to reach more women and encourage them to explore the world of tech.


I was named a Powerful Woman Programmer by DCFemTech in April 2016. I have been a developer for over 10 years. I love learning new frameworks and programming languages. I consider myself a Jill of all trades. I've done database migrations, server setup, backend development, front-end development and hybrid-mobile application development.

Along with working with the Wisconsin Internet Mapping group at the US Geological Survey as a Sr. Software Developer, I work on my own ideas. Check out some of my projects over at Blasterra. You can read more about my background at Code Pancake.